School Aims

We provide an education that aims:

  • to have high expectations of pupils so that they can achieve the highest standards and make the best progress in all areas of their lives.
  • to develop essential skills of communication, numeracy and the use of information technology.
  • to provide for the spiritual, moral cultural, mental and physical development of pupils in the school.
  • to develop lively, enquiring, imaginative and creative minds.
  • to establish a stimulating school environment which will promote an enquiring attitude to, and enjoyment of, learning.
  • to create a secure and disciplined environment which will help the pupils to become more independent whilst encouraging them to develop positive and caring relationships with each other.
  • to ensure that the pupils apply themselves effectively to a wide range of tasks and activities.
  • to ensure that the pupils have the confidence to reach beyond what they already know, and apply current knowledge and skills to develop their understanding of new ideas and concepts.