EYFS Maths

In Class One we decided to have a party for our class teddy bear ‘Red Ted.’ It was his tenth birthday! The project started with a ‘Class Planning Meeting’ where the children discussed what we would need to do to organise the event. The children wanted to make some decorations for the classroom so they decorated some streamers to hang up on the day. They had been learning about repeating patterns and applied this skill in their designs. They also made cards and badges for the birthday boy which they decorated with number 10!

The children wanted to bake a birthday cake for Red Ted. They each voted for their favourite kind of cake and we displayed our choices as a Venn Diagram. They counted and compared the number of children who voted for each type of cake.

Making the cake involved lots of weighing and counting. The children looked at the clock when the cake went in the oven and talked about how long it would take to bake. They kept checking the clock until it was time to take it out. Covering the cake with icing involved using  the language of shape including centre, middle, edge, all over, top and bottom.

The children also iced biscuits which they decorated with sets of three sweets. This raised lots of questions….how many sweets on one biscuit? Two biscuits? How many biscuits do you think we can fit on one plate? Two plates? How many sweets do you think are in the bag? How many are left? Have we got enough?

On the day of the party the children had to estimate if we had enough plates and then count them to check. They helped to count 10 candles and discussed how to cut the cake. We cut the cake in half and learnt a new word that is very important in maths… ‘equal’.

This raised more questions…how many slices of cake do we need for the children? How many do we need for the teachers? How many does that make altogether? What if we cut one more slice for Red Ted? We used a number track to help find the total.

Everyone enjoyed the party food and then we gathered to sing rhymes and play ring games. We all enjoyed Red Ted’s party and best of all we learnt lots of maths along the way. Well done Class One!

Class 3 Maths

In class 3 we have been investigating different perimeters. We went outside to investigate the perimeters of different objects. We had to think carefully about how to measure different shapes accurately. We tried to solve the problem of how to measure a curved edge. Before measuring, we estimated what the results could be and back in the classroom we compared our findings and discussed difficulties and solutions.