Thoughts and comments from our Governors:

"In every sense, legally, spiritually , socially,  we are a body.  We work as one, drawing on the strengths that each Governor brings."

"It is my Catholic committment that has been increasingly my strongest reason for carrying on as a governor.  It means so much to me that our children should be given the opportunity of a good education in a Catholic environment."

"I have a great feeling of achievement when I visit the school and classrooms, helping to shape the lives of our children educationally and morally."

"We are volunteers, with busy lives and we share a committment to striving for the very best for the children in our community - it is something we are proud of."

"We are volunteers, lay people with an interest in good education.  We care about the Catholic ethos which supports and encourages spiritual growth, about wellbeing and positive school experiences for our families, and about public and community service."

"We are parents, grandparents, parishioners, teachers, friends."